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Laser Hair Removal

Discover iLuvo Beauty's expert laser services and treatments using the industry-leading, award-winning Soprano ICE Platinum Laser Hair Removal. Enabling permanent, pain-free, removal of unwanted hairs and expert next generation skin treatments for many ailments. Soprano ICE Platinum Laser Hair Removal is the most popular, trusted, and respected, laser hair removal technology. Offering the absolute best results for long-term, pain-free, hair removal.

Soprano ICE Platinum uses the latest in laser technology, using multi-diodes to enhance the effectiveness of treatment, delivering faster results, in much less time. Results that last longer and due to active head cooling technology, produce the minimal amount of pain and discomfort during treatment. With Soprano ICE Platinum, you require fewer initial treatment sessions to achieve a full coverage and less regular follow-up / top-up sessions to keep the area hair free after completing your initial treatment program.

iLuvo Beauty only use Soprano ICE Platinum at our Laser Clinic, with all our Laser Therapists being trained and certified for use of Soprano ICE Platinum to ensure you get the best treatment experience and results possible. We are committed to providing excellent customer service and care, we will always strive to provide our customers with the best treatment and best results possible.

Main Features:

Checkout the main features and benefits of Soprano ICE Platinum Laser Hair Removal below:

Soprano ICE Platinum

At iLuvo Beauty we only use the world-renowned, industry-leading, award-winning, superior Soprano ICE Platinum Laser Hair Removal system. Soprano ICE Platinum is renowned for its innovative patented technology which delivers superior results when compared to competition.


Soprano ICE Platinum's innovative design and technology ensures the least painful experience possible with Laser Hair Removal Treatments. 99% of customers feel no pain during treatment, with the other 1% reporting a slight pinching feeling, slight discomfort.


Soprano ICE Platinum is extremely efficient thanks to its unique design and technology. The tri-diode laser head, covers a larger surface area, in a shorter amount of time. It also delivers multi-frequency beams which ensures that the hair follicles are destroyed to the highest degree of success in the least amount of time possible.

Best Results

Soprano ICE Platinum is renowned for its performance and capabilities. It is the worlds leading hair removal technology and ensures that treatment is as efficient and as effective as possible.

Longer Lasting

Soprano ICE Platinum technology ensures that the results from treatment are as long-lasting as possible. Meaning less frequent visits to your clinic for top-up sessions after completing your initial schedule of treatment.

Cost Effective

Whilst a single session price of Soprano ICE Platinum is more expensive than the cheaper alternatives, overall, it is more cost-effective. Fewer, less frequent, shorter sessions, mean the total cost of treatment over a few years works out cheaper with Soprano ICE Platinum.

Treatment Areas:

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