Unwanted Hair Removal – Soprano ICE Platinum Laser

Unwanted Hair Removal – Soprano ICE

The Soprano ICE Platinum laser hair removal system is the leading technology in laser hair removal for the removal of unwanted hair. The Soprano ICE Platinum differs from the competition with its three-diode laser head which delivers a pain-free, highly effective, and highly efficient service. It’s because of this technology that we can offer a service which surpasses all other unwanted hair removal technologies.

The tri-diode laser head that the Soprano ICE Platinum Laser Hair Removal system delivers. The head combines the three different laser wavelengths into a single applicator that enables practitioners to achieve better efficiency and the highest coverage by simultaneously reaching different anatomical depths. Because of this, as the patient, you can expect the best results possible, with the minimum amount of discomfort.

The Soprano ICE Platinum Laser Hair Removal System. The only system on the market can offer a pain-free efficient service that treats all hair and all skin types with a single device. Cutting-edge technology delivers industry-leading results and a fast, effective, efficient, and pain-free experience. Why not check out the Soprano ICE Platinum website for more detailed information on the technology?


iLuvo Beauty – Soprano Partnership

Here at iLuvo, we utilise only Soprano ICE Platinum laser machines, why not check out our blog article on our new website for more information? Alternatively, give us a call or drop us an email and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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