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Right to be Forgotten Form

iLuvo Beauty - Right to be Forgotten Form for Victoria Laser Clinic and/or Wandsworth Beauty Salon

Right to be Forgotten:

In line with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), we are required to adhere to the collection, storage, processing, and protection of our Customer's Personal Information and details. As per GDPR regulations, we also have to abide by the terms to empower customers the rights to request that any personal information obtained and stored by us, is deleted upon request, unless the data is required for legal purposes, for us to maintain accurate historical data about a persons attendance, treatments, results, etc. Where possible, we will always attempt to remove all customer data upon request, unless we require access to this data for legal purposes.

If you wish to request that your personal data and information be deleted from our systems, then please complete the form below to submit your request under GDPR Right to be Forgotten to request that we delete all of your personal information from our records.